Masjid Programs

Masjid Bilal is providing multifaceted programs for all ages on a regular basis. Some of the core programs and services include and are not limited to:

  • Weekend /Weekday children’s Qur’an classes,
  • Weekly adult learning sessions for both brother’s, sisters and youth,
  • Adult Qur’an learning classes for both brothers, sisters and youth
  • Community social activities such as; BBQ’s ,Potluck, gym rental  for our youth, Ramadan iftar’s, Eid festivities etc.
  • Outreach programs such as facilitating local school & church visits etc.
  • Dawah programs/New Muslim learning classes
  • Monthly & Quarterly educational learning seminars
  • Publication of regular newsletters and circulars
  • Providing assistance to deserving individuals via community registered charities and local food banks etc.

Please continue to refer to our website for  a listing of ongoing  programs and  upcoming events