Children’s Quranic Program

The Masjid Bilal Islamic School has been in existence since the establishment of the masjid and is serving the Muslim community of Orleans and the surrounding area.


The school year starts after Ramadan (when announced) and ends before Ramadan in the following year. The registration for the school starts each year after Ramadan when announced. The classes are held Monday to Thursday on weekdays and on Sundays on the weekends.


Minimum age for entry is 7 years. Minimum donation (currently $300 per child per year) goes towards the cost of school supplies, teaching aids and student functions and also towards the up keeping of the masjid.


The scope of educational activities have to be optimized because of the limited teaching-hours available The following objectives have been set based on input and feedback by the parents and the school experience over the past many years. Achieving these objectives is a joint responsibility of the school and the parents:

Islamic Studies:

To provided basic understanding of Islamic Beliefs, Islamic Practices (Ibadat), the Seerah of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh),lessons from the stories of the Prophets and lessons on Ethics (Conduct and Behavior) .

Qur’anic Arabic:

The object is to enable the students gradually to read the Qur’an properly. Qur’anic Arabic is currently covered in 3 different levels, starting from ‘alif, baa taa’ to reading the Qur’an properly (beginners, intermediate & advance).