About Us

The Islamic Society of Cumberland was established by Muslims of the area in 1993. The same year, the Society purchased a house located at 4509 Innes road in Orleans and established a temporary Musallah. Thereafter, an adjacent house was purchased and the properties were re- zoned in 1997 to permit the use of the space as a place of worship (Mosque).

The population of the East end of Ottawa (Orleans) has grown rapidly and continues to grow with approximately 6000 Muslims, which represents approximately 1500 families. The former facility only accommodated approximately 100 worshippers which had hardly met the Muslim needs of the area. So, there was an urgent need to establish a bigger facility for the growing needs of the community.

With this vision, over the years a group of dedicated community members worked very hard to establish the new Masjid. By the grace of Allah (SWT), their efforts and the generosity of the Muslim community, this Masjid was successfully built and opened its doors in 2011. Masjid Bilal now accommodates 700 people (500 men and 200 women), has accommodations for Islamic classes for approximately 150 children, a funeral facility, a reference library and many other features for the community.

In order for Masjid Bilal to continue with its services, it needs your duas and support, both financial and through your involvement. Thank you.