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The Islamic Society of Cumberland (Masjid Bilal) is a Registered Charitable community-oriented Muslim organization located in Canada’s Capital (Ottawa East, Orleans). Masjid Bilal provides the Muslim community of Orleans with resources to meet religious and social needs with the objective of establishing a better relationship with the larger Canadian society. Masjid Bilal encourages and fosters excellent relationship building principles within a variety of community affiliations (City Councilors, Members of Parliament both Provincial and Federal, Law Enforcement officials, charitable organizations, etc.) in order to promote multicultural awareness and appreciation while representing the Muslims in Orleans as exemplary contributing members of society. Masjid Bilal has become a destination of choice not only for the Muslims of Orleans but also for the wider community of Ottawa East.


Daily Prayer (Iqamah) Timings

Sunday Fajr Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha
Nov 01 6:00 1:00 3:15 Sunset 8:00
Nov 08 6:00 1:00 3:15 Sunset 8:00
Nov 15 6:00 1:00 3:00 Sunset 8:00
Nov 22 6:00 1:00 3:00 Sunset 8:00

Jumuah (Friday) Prayers

Speech Arabic Khutbah & Prayer
12:30 pm 1:00 pm

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Masjid Bilal Charitable Reg. No. 13983 7082 RR000I